Can I grow berries in pots?

ЧАСHello! I wanna ask, What berries can I plant on the balcony in pots?



  • Hi Anastasija!

    All kinds of berries, if your pots are big enough!

    Plants that are smaller will have an easier time in pots over time than bigger plants though, so berries like blueberries and blackcurrants will be better if your pots are a bit smaller, and if you have room for it you have have other berries as well. Be sure to check the climate where you live though, as not all berries will be hardy enough to survive in pots in all parts of the country. If you live somewhere with rougher winters, you might want to move the pots into a basement or garage if possible, or at least cover them up during the winter. :-)
    Silje Gartner
  • Thank you so much for the answer 😊

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