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How to overwinter this type of hydrangea


I heard I should put my hydrangea before frost and it should’ve been brown and dry by now. But mine is still flowering.

Someone also said this is different type of hydrangea.
How can I overwinter this type of hydrangea?




  • Hello Natalia!

    Yes, you can overwinter this type of hydrangea (which is a 'Hydrangea macrophylla') in a pot, but it can be tough.

    If you wanted to keep it over the winter, it needs to be placed in a cool yet frost free place at around -0 degrees if you live in a hardiness zone of over 2, or a mild 3 if you're lucky. It also needs to be bright, so if you have an indoor patio or a covered balcony.

    Once you placed it there, you should cover the pot in isolating material such as bubble wrap or jute cloth. Pot covers are also great. As the goal is to prevent the soil to freeze, and as such damage the roots, you also need to remember to check on the soil every so often to make sure it doesn't dry completely.

    Otherwise, if you have the availability and live in the milder zones of up to 3, you can let it overwinter in the soil to make it easier. That way, the ground isolates the roots and prevents complete drought. You can also cover the plant with fallen leaves once it has entered its dormancy.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    Jennie Gartner

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