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little flies on the house plants

Hei hei,I just recently noticed that my plants has little flies on them i tried to get rid of them by washing it, vacuuming, even tried to leave the pots outside(because some of my plants are not transplant into pots and I noticed that those flies are mostly in those pots). I really don’t know what to do because when i noticed them they were just on the plants but now they are all around the house. Thank you in advance for your advice🙏


  • Hi Vilte,
    It sounds like you've got gnats in your soil. They usually do no harm to the full-grown plant, but it is good to get rid of them as they are not particularly fun to have around and can damage cuttings and newly sown plants.

    What you can do is either:

    - Replant your plant in new soil. Try to remove as much old soil as possible from the roots, being careful not to break them off. It is also good to shower off the soil from the roots. Before replanting the plant, you should also wash the pot thoroughly with soap and water.

    -Use Nemablom, it is a product that contains nematodes which are a kind of useful animal. The nematodes in Nemablom are the natural predators of gnat larvae and are completely organic. One bag of Nemablom is enough for about 20 medium-sized pots. You mix the agent in water and water it in the pots according to the instructions on the package. If you have gnats in your home, all the pots should be treated even if it is not visible in all of them.

    Good luck. 

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